When I originally started this, I wrote notes on how I defeated Deus Ex melee only and slapped them online. Not satisfactory, but it should be here, if for no other reason than to tie everyone over until I've finished a proper walkthrough.


Greetings! Well, I must say, I'm feeling a bit proud of myself not to mention a little disturbed that I pulled off my latest stunt. I guess I must be a little notorious for my melee weapon only rampages, when I started a thread warning everyone that there was a newbie among them, I was told Deus Ex was technically impossible to beat using only melee weapons.

Me being me, I kept an eye open for this "impossible" task. After I'd finished the game, I knew where my problem was lying. The weld points on the Wall Cloud, and the robots in Vandenburg. After being teased about how long it would be until I tried it, I decided to just go for it. I asked my melee weapon only walkthrough accomplice, Enchantermon, for advice on what would be okay to do. He gave the green light for hurling boxes of TNT at things that needed to be blown up, which was all I needed.

I'm write this little journal, more or less, as a general guide on how I survived. I'm not going into anywhere near as much detail with it as I did with my System Shock 2 walkthrough, but it might be of some use.

My starting skills were:

Low tech, Electronics, and Lock-picking -- Trained

Also, I was playing on Realistic.

Enough with the preludes, let's get down to business!

Liberty Island

This level was plain, simple, and good fun, just like the first time I played it. The first 2 NSF near the docks that I ran into were led back onto the dock, so they could have a talk with Paul and the friendly robot patrolling near there. I went through the rest of the level knocking everyone out, sticking mostly to my baton to spare my riot prod charges.

Once everyone was unconscious, and I'd searched everywhere I could, I let Gunther out and met with the NSF commander, "borrowing" the nearby augmentation canister. I forgot to take notes about which augmentation I got when, but I know I waited until later before I got the upgrade.

Once back in UNATCO HQ, I slipped into the hidden floor in Alex's office, stole everything, then popping into his e-mail account. I tried all the names off the poster near his computer, and it turned out his password was 'calvo.' I got all the e-mail account names and passwords from there, and continued on. I explored every office, stole everything that was of any use to me, took a peek in the ladies' room, then headed on my way.

Battery Park

After taunting a young child with a candy bar, I managed to get the password to the nearby secret tunnel into the NSF hideout. I went through, carefully knocking everyone out, and found the ambrosia. I left the kiosk of the castle, in full view of the NSF there, and ran like hell outside to Anna Navarre.

This has a double bonus. Anna will think of me as a killer, and be nice to me, and Paul will be upset and give me an extra charger for the riot prod.

After this was dealt with, I went to the subway station. I tried to come and help out, but all the UNATCO boys had dropped the NSF before I could catch up and kill anyone. I wandered on into an air conditioning conduit, (or were they maintenance tunnels?) and snuck down to where the terrorists were, taking my low-tech weapon skills to Advanced. I ran in, knocked out one of the NSF baddies, then retreated to the tunnels before I was pumped full of lead, or lit on fire. Once everyone calmed down, I came in, zapped someone, then ran. Naturally, I wasn't able to nail the fello with the flamethrower until he was the last one standing, but I got the job done. No hostages lost.

Hell's Kitchen

Rather amusing getting the "we don't need another Anna Navarre shooting spree" speech. Anna's not here to cause one, and I don't have a pistol. Deep breaths Paul, deep breaths.

I stayed out of all the NSF vs. UNATCO fights, talked to everyone I could, saw everything I could see, helped everyone I could help. In the free clinic, rather than hand out enough cash to get the code to the surgery bay, I let myself in with a crowbar to the door. Also, just before I entered the MJ12 facility, I took my computer skills up to Trained.

I entered the warehouse district through Osgood and Sons, staying far from the rooftops for as long as I could. Somehow, I managed to avoid being killed, I more or less just ran into the target warehouse, shut down the generator cooling systems, then ran to the top level and got onto the chopper. Gunther's a big boy; he can take care of himself.

When I came back to headquarters, I was very creeped out by the two gentlemen in black, as usual. I tailed Walton Simons into the cell with the NSF folks, and saw them gunned down. I met with Manderley, raided the place, as usual, then got picked up by my favorite drunken pilot.

Battery Park/Brooklyn Bridge Station/Mole Tunnels

I got the code to the telephone booth from Curly, then explored the remains of the subway tunnel below. I was NOT amused that the only free was to get the code for the women's restroom keypad was not available. After combing through the station and getting 2 multitools, (the keypad required 3) I decided that was acceptable, and when on my way.

I decided to sneak my way south, and clear out the NSF while working my way north. Eh, who am I kidding? I know that one the leader of the NSF in that area surrenders, the rest of the NSF leave me alone. I explored at my own pace, and chatted with the creepy kid who was telling me how the NSF were going to kill me for a little bit.

Helibase/ Airfield

I headed onto the helicopter base, and was spotted by one of the small bots patrolling just before the main building. Luckily, I was able to dive into a tunnel before I was killed, and after 10 forties of beer, 5 bottles of wine, and 10 cans of pop, I was in better shape, healthwise. After I sobered up, I moved on and cleared out the main building, quickly, and quietly. Nobody stood a chance. Nobody knew I was there until they were bopped. I bought all the pop and chocolate bars I could, they may not heal you much, but as far as I'm concerned, some healing is better than none.

I swam to the airfield, I'd shut down all the security cameras and could've gone to the elevator, but for some reason, swimming there, and nearly drowning, seemed more appealing at the time. I took out the fello with the flamethrower on the dock, then went swimming again so I could put out the flames engulfing my body. After I'd searched the area, I slipped into the 747 hanger.

I went onto the plane and talked with Lebedev, then Navarre came running in. I'd been wondering which was my preferred method of killing her, and decided I'd try to kill her right there. I activated a thermoptic camo suit, and ballistic armor. Slipped behind her, whipped out my crowbar, and started swinging.

She went down after only 2 hits.

I decided to knock out Lebedev, just so I could carry him out and get him to a safe location so he could get out. Then my objective about killing Lebedev was checked off. What a baby! I only prodded him once! That was just one jolt from a riot prod! I took off running, I'd look more innocent if both parties who allegedly got in a firefight were dead, right?

Alex was rather bothered by my assassination, so he wiped out the records of it. Good boy! I went back to headquarters, and was chewed out for both Anna's death and Lebedev's "assassination." Screw you all!

Hell's Kitchen/Warehouse

I wandered on in, met with Paul, then checked to see what the Rentons were fighting about. For some odd reason, when Gilbert asked for a pistol, it turned out I had one, must've picked it up when I violated a body and forgot to toss it. We opened a can of whup ass on JoJo, and teamed up to kill him. Sandra's staying at home, good thing.

I went back to the warehouse, and carefully knocked out all the troops. The fewer witnesses, the better. I tried to get through the laser tripwires and stuff in the basement of the NSF headquarters, but I didn't want to waste my lockpicks opening all the doors.

I went up to the roof and sent the message, then came back to the hotel. Paul took out the men in black, and the troopers who broke into his room after we met up. He went downstairs, and after a while, the gunfire stopped. I thought maybe he'd killed everyone, so I went down. Nope! He vanished. I tried to make a run for the front door, but that large of a group of UNATCO troopers was a bit much for me to handle.

MJ12 Facility, UNATCO HQ

I woke up in the MJ12 facility, and after being broken out by Daedelus, I went on a merry rampage. I headed straight for the armory, and grabbed my 20 multitools and 20 lockpicks, along with all my weapons. I cleared the place out, then went into UNATCO HQ. I'm going to be meeting both Jaime and Alex in Hong Kong, had Jaime stayed there, I'd learn Gunther's kill phrase, but I'd rather kill him myself.

Yeesh, have I forgotten to note what augmentations I got? I see that I have. Let's see. All of them are at level 1, I'm saving my augmentation upgrade canisters for an emergency. I've got regeneration, ballistic protection, aggressive defense system, speed enhancement, environmental resistance, and combat strength.

Hong Kong

When we landed in the building in Hong Kong, I quickly cleared snuck into the building, then borrowed a sword, and slipped back out. When the missile destroyed the blast doors and the robots came out, I shoved on a thermoptic camo suit and slipped past the bolts of electricity, and into the elevator.

I met with Gordon Quick, then paid a visit to Ms. Chow. Didn't like her, so I knocked out, then dismembered, both her and her maid. I slipped in through the hidden door, and got the Dragon's Tooth Sword. When I tossed my regular sword, it was within earshot of the MJ12 troopers near the sword.

I braced myself, then ran into the room and started swinging my new sword. When I was no longer taking hits, I looked around. There was a massive pile of dead bodies, a large pool of blood, an alarm sounding . . . but nobody left alive to respond to the threat.

I returned to Maggie Chow's apartment, planning on just heading to Gordon Quick to show him my pretty new toy. I looked out of the apartment window, and saw a balcony I thought I might be able to leap onto. Smashed open the window, then made the Leap of Faith. After I landed safely, and uninjured, on the apartment balcony, and I robbed the place.

After I showed Gordon Quick my new toy, and I met with Max Chen. Once I had, MJ12 troopers stormed the place. I hid behind Max's desk until the shooting stopped, then went out the front door and ran right into another MJ12 trooper! I screamed, slashed once, and he dropped. I went back in the bar to loot the bodies, and heard probably the funniest quote ever from one of the drunken Russian sailors: "They shoot, and I run, and I spill my drink ALL OVER MY UNIFORM!"

I went back to meet with Gordon again, and he let me into Tong's compound. My kill-switch was deactivated, I chatted with Alex for a little bit, healed up, charged up, then headed on to Versalife, ready to rock and roll. While still in the elevator, I upgraded my low-tech weapon skills to Master level. I cleared the place out as I went. When I reached the barracks near the computer with the sword information, I was nearly killed. The woman in black's explosion took off both my legs, and I still had one guy with an assault shotgun left to take care of. I slithered behind a pole, and let him come to me. I took him out, used a med kit to regain partial control of one of my legs, and got the info Tong wanted. When I returned to Versalife, I was careful, took out everyone, stocked up on augmentation canisters, both the traditional sort and the upgrade ones. I now have power recirculator and cloak, but I haven't yet upgraded any of my augmentations.

New York, Revisited

I met up with Harley Filben, chatting up with Sandra Renton and her friend Vinny, then met with Stanton Dowd. After that, I visited Smuggler, saw the ridiculous prices he wanted for explosives, and left after warning him of the impending raids. I headed straight for the Naval Shipyards after that. I was happy to see that the first of the sailors were friendly, and even happier to find 5 crates of TNT both on and offshore, I took them below decks with me, in case the weld points proved to be too much for me to handle.

But I was wrong. I maxed out my combat strength augmentation, took my environmental training up to master, activated a suit of armor, and swung at the evil weld point. Which exploded. True, I was dismembered, but god damn it, I DID IT! Screw ranged weapons, screw LAMs, screw the GEP gun, I'VE GOT MY GOD DAMN DRAGON'S TOOTH SWORD!

While the armor was activated, I took out both weld points in the engine room, and in the bilge pump room. I worked my way through the rest of the areas, I wasn't all that pleased when I discovered one of the weld points was in the electrified room. I had to take out the spider bot with my sword, luckily I had my combat strength augmentation running and he died in 2 hits. I tamed the haywire electrical systems, then, after the helicopter bay and electrical room were clear, I took out the last 2 weld points. I made a run for it, and managed to get off the ship safely. Well, sort of.

I'd brought all 5 crates of TNT I found onto the ship, near the exit to above decks. Well, when all the debris started falling everywhere, during my first run, a piece fell on one of the 5 crates of TNT, and they all exploded while I was practically on top of them.

When I visited the graveyard, I took out gate-keeper and destroyed the control thingy early, it falls to my sword, just like the bookcase which blocks access to it.


Nothing terribly interesting to report on here. When I first arrived in Paris, I told the woman who may be me in about 50 years about the 4 dead gremlins, and she was ecstatic about her kitties not being eaten by them, just like I'd be. On the streets, I shut down all the 'bots, and killed as many people as I could. I forgot to do my drug deal with the fello in the Paris hotel, though.

I raced through the cathedral, then met with Morgan Everett. I really, really don't like that guy. So I killed Lucius to piss him off. After he bitched me out, I slaughtered the mechanic, and was able to save Jock. Then, we moved onto Vandenburg . . .

Southern California

When it came to the robots, it was much easier than I thought it would be. The large robots were easy to kill, and the large robot I released alone slaughtered everyone in the area for me. I destroyed the spider bots underground very carefully, I was able to keep up with the speed enhancement activated, and I had to take them out before they drained all of my bio-electric electricity.

Once I reached the gas station, I knocked out all the baddies, then rescued Tiffany. I went to the water bases, and had no real problems. The missile silo left me a little annoyed, you have to kill that one fello who was on some kind of machine which left him in an elevated area only accessible by a thin metal bar leading up to it. I took quite a few hits, but I survived.

Area 51

Oddly enough, I had no troubles here. I just ran around, killed everyone, and moved on. Before heading underground into the area with the 2 robots, near the elevator which has the power to it turned off, I upgraded my computer, electronics, and lockpicking skills up to Advanced, and my medicine skills to Trained.

In the area with the catwalks, I simply ran into the stairway, then slipped upstairs, and started killing. I worked my way along, and when I reached the final area with Bob Page, I decided to go with the Helios ending. When I tried to get into the emergency UC containment room, 3 spider bots decided to make it their mission to stop me. I barely made it in there, but when I did, and had shut everything down, and had killed the bots, I virtually had no medkits or bioelectric cells. However, I shut down the uplink locks, then ran back to the previous sector and merged with Helios.