Deactivating the Kill Switch


Now that we're here, we have to find Gordon Quick, run an errand for him, pick up one of the best melee weapons ever created, and get a truce going between the Triads. You'll want to avoid upsetting the police for the most part -- if the robots wake up, you haven't got a hope in hell unless you have the Dragon's Tooth Sword.

As for invincible AIs in all of Honk Kong, we have Gordon Quick (until he's turned up at the Lucky Money), Max Chen, Tracer Tong, Alex Jacobson, Jaime Reyes, and Paul Denton.

Marecki told me about a couple fun things to do in Wan Chai, if you feel like getting in a little bit of trouble . . .

Now that we've dealt with the preliminaries, let's get down to business.

Finding Gordon Quick

Leave the elevator, and hang a right. On the edge of the building to your left is a locked door, but your sword can chip away at anything that can be broken. Don't turn your light on to find it, this sets off the cops, who came after me for this. Hack away until it shatters, then slip through the doorway and smash all the crates in here, (light can be turned on in here) you should find a lockpick in one of them. Head into the far corner of the room, you should find a panel you can slide out of the way. Turn on your light to find the keypad near it, and break down the panel it controls.

Go into the next room, and you should find a lockpick, a prod charger, a bioelectric cell, and a multitool. Check the datacube for the code to the police station, then ready your riot prod, and head in there. Try to prod the cop sitting to the left of the door before he shoots you, then head into the room to the left of where he was sitting, and quickly prod the cop in here. Hack the security computer and shut down all the cameras if you want, then turn around and leave this room. Pass the unconscious cop and take the second left, you should find a ladder leading up a level here. From this vantage point, you should see a compound to the east. Head over there, and talk to the guy with the big gun by the entrance. (A quick and easy way to find the entrance is to remember the entrance is always between the temple and the compound.)

Finding Our Glowing Savior

Talk to the man, and you'll be told you need to go to Tonnochi road to meet with Maggie Chow. Go west and north around the compound, then west when you see the Lucky Money sign. Head towards the Tonnochi road sign, and a new map will load. Turn left when the sign tells you to, then when you come to the broken bridge, which will be on your right, just leap the gap. Ignore the two cops and head down the alley to their left. Keep going west and another new map will load.

Continue through the alleyway until a man talks to you, and he'll tell you Maggie Chow's apartment building is on the left, half a block down the road. Enter the building, then talk to the manager. We'll find Maggie Chow has the penthouse apartment thanks to the computer by the elevators, and we can take the elevator up there.

Do just that, and when you arrive in the apartment, talk to the maid. As we're not going to be very polite guests, prod her unconscious or just outright kill her. Go straight through the hallway and take the first left. Maggie is completely unaware we've just done unspeakable things to her maid, and that she's next. She'll be friendly and give us the code to the vault in the police station we've already visited. After she does this, kill her.

Go to the stairs in the southeast, and up a level. Go into the last room on the right, read the datacube and the two books, then use the security computer. We can deduce her password is "insurgent" and her user name is "mchow", use those logins and shut down all the cameras, then open the doors. When you leave this room, go through the doors straight ahead, and get 100 credits from the bedside table.

Go downstairs, north to the windows, then east, the hallway will turn right, but keep going. There will be a paper lantern and a funny looking wall ahead of you, use the lantern and you'll see an open doorway ahead of you. Don't get excited and don't run there, MJ12 troopers are everywhere and we haven't gotten our sword yet!

Crouch and head through the doorway, at which point Tracer Tong will send you a message. Head forward, and don't stay in view of the MJ12 troopers through the doorway to your right for too long, stay near the left wall. Go to the computer terminal, checking the hologram machine for a message from Simons, and reading the datacube nearby if you wish, then open the glass case. You can read her e-mails, if you want, too.

Once you have the Dragon's Tooth Sword, you're sitting very, very pretty. I got a huge rush when I finally picked it up on my first melee only game. Toss your other weapons aside from the the prod, and maybe the baton, we won't be needing them.

If you're feeling brave, you can take on all the MJ12 troopers in the breakroom, make sure you start with the trooper with the plasma gun. It will be a bloodbath, some of the blood will be yours, but once it's all over and done with, you'll have access to some snacks, 50 credit chits, a lockpick, and a water cooler.

Return to Maggie's apartment, then go to the glass windows she was standing by, then look north, and down. See that balcony down there? We want to jump there. Smash the window, then jump. You should land there without a scratch. (For extra fun, bring Maggie! Nobody will care that you're toting her around unless she's dead.) Smash the glass doors open, then head inside. Hey, binoculars by the window looking at her! Oooh la la, a peeping tom lives here! Ignore the computer terminal in the closet, we can get the login for it. Go into the next room, and check under the TV for a datacube. Log into the computer terminal and check the e-mails. Get a key off the table by the front door to confirm, yet, this is Jock's apartment. The dirty bastard! Steal some food from him, then leave via the stairs. (Or, for laughs, jump off the balcony, but quick-save first! Don't do what I did and just jump, only to discover the last quick-save was made at the beginning of the MJ12 helibase level.)

Go down the stairs to the elevator, then take it down to the ground level. Head east, we want to get back to where the Lucky Money club is. Max Chen needs to see our beloved toy. (I was prepared to kill him if he tried to take the sword from me the first time I played the game, I loved it that much.) If you get lost, find a Tonnochi road sign, and go in the opposite direction it points in, that should help you get back on track.

The Underground Mall

Once you reach the Lucky Money club, track down all the police officers. 3 sit together down the way from the door girl, another patrols the length of the mall. Kill them all. An MJ12 commando will spawn in front of the door girl after Max Chen sees the sword, and you'll need to kill him to leave. The cops will attack you even if the commando was firing missiles at you before you fought back, and this is no good. Marecki thinks this may only happen if you're too close when an alarm goes off, like if the commando took out the Quick Stop windows. I've been blown away even with those windows intact, so I have no idea what's going on there.

You can probably prod the patrolling cop without getting caught. Slit the throats of all the other cops with the Dragon's Tooth sword, then head to the door girl. Assuming they all went down quickly, nobody should be jumpy. Apparently they don't mind someone with solid blue eyes and blood soaked clothes coming into their club. If you want, pay the two girls so they can get in, too. The doors open for them even if you don't pay for yourself, so you can have fun breaking the game that way.

We should talk to every single person in the club we can before meeting with Max Chen. Who knows who the commandos might kill? You could also knock them all out to make sure the commandos won't target them, and get quite a few goodies. The dazed girl in the toilet has a vial of Zyme, Mamasan, Mercedes and the thug have 100 credits each, and Mercedes and Tessa have 2 lockpicks each. Then, you can have the pleasure of taking on the commandos by yourself.

Start with the top level and my beloved Russian sailors, then sweep the second floor, (50 credit chits are found behind the bartender, he won't mind if you borrow them) then move onto the first floor. When you've talked to everyone you can, smash the mirror the two not-very-subtle lesbians are dancing by, then head through the wooden doors to the north in the room you now have access to.

Get ready for a fight. When the MJ12 commandos arrive after you talk to Chen, you can always just let everyone else deal with them, but don't you want the melee fighting practice? This is only, what, maybe my second or third time through the game right now, so I need it. Charge yourself up, ready the sword, then save. Race through the conversation unless you want to hear it, then go running out front with your aggressive defense system, (optional) ballistic protection, combat strength, and regeneration augmentations active, and start swinging like a madman when you're near a commando. (Just don't hit one of the gang members.)

Once you think everyone is down, make a sweep of all 3 levels, then head outside to deal with the commando out there. Once you're absolutely certain they're all dead, search all the bodies. If the door girl is still alive, kill her, she's loaded with credits. Break into the safe next to her with a Dragon's Tooth sword/combat strength augmentation combination hit, you'll find another 200 credits in there. Last, but most certainly not least, harass the Russian sailors until they say my favorite quote of the whole damn game: "They shoot, and I run, and I speel my drink ALL OVER MY UNIFORM!"

God, I love the drunken sailors.

If you talked to everyone in the club, you should've gotten the login for the computer in the Quick Stop shop. Smash all the windows in it, hack the security systems to shut down the cameras, then use the computer to open the vault. Steal the money, get loaded off all the liquor in here if you wish, get a multitool and a med kit off one of the shelves, then leave.

Canal Road Tunnel

If you want, now would be as good a time as any to head down to the Canal Road Tunnel, Marecki has a method for taking out all the cops!

Bashing the fighting triad members is not as much fun as one would expect it too, so let's harass the coppers as well! Obviously it would be bad if they started shooting at you, but you can avoid this by having them turn to appropriate directions. Turn the two cops at the corpse of their colleague north and the four at the barrier to the south. This leaves you free to bop the patrolling guy first, the two at the corpse next and the middle two at the barrier (quickly!) last. Before you proceed with the last two, make the eastern one turn to the wall and start with the western one. Suckers! Too bad they don't carry anything interesting from our point of view, but the lockpicks lying around the tunnel should make the whole trip worthwhile.

Deactivating the Kill Switch

Once you've left the mall, head up the stairs and go east to the compound. Let Gordon Quick know about the new situation, then he'll give you the code to the doors. Go through the doors, and go left, then left into the room back here. Swipe the 25 credits in front of the statue, then head into the compound. Go east, down the stairs, and through the wooden door, stopping to rob the kitchen in case you don't have all the food you can carry. Go through the hallway and down the stairs, then go right and straight ahead to a painting with a keypad next to it. Use the same code you used to enter on it, after getting a spare riot prod and 2 chargers from the nearby table, and go down the stairs.

Once you arrive at the bottom of the stairs, walk straight ahead until you're about half way through the room, then look to your left, you should see a button beside a suspicious looking piece of wall. Push the button. Ah ha! Tracer Tong! Talk to him, then head to the far hallway, stopping to grab 100 credits from the table to your left. Go down the hallway to the left, all the way to the bottom of the stairs, and stand on the platform.

Once the switch has been deactivated, we can go back upstairs to talk to Tong. First, swing into the first room on your right as you go up the stairs. There's a medbot here, and a bioelectric cell on the table nearby. Head down the stairs in the north end of this room and you'll find Alex Jacobson. Talk to him if you want, then head up to the control room to talk to Tong. Once you have your new orders, we're almost ready to go. Return to the west hallway, but go north this time. There's a suit of ballistic armor on one of the glowing tables nearby.

Go through the door across from the hallway, then head into this back room. There's a repair bot you can use to charge up the bioelectricity that was drained during the mini-war with the commandos. Also, there's a rebreather and a multitool on the ledge around the water in this room. Head out to the front door of the compound, I'll start the next section of walkthrough from there.