The Great Escape


There isn't much to go over here. You start off with nothing aside from an open door provided by an odd person named Daedelus, but you'll find supplies along the way. Oh, and all the ammunition you had coming in here will still be on you. Seriously, who leaves something that could be used as an explosive on a crazed prisoner? How about a napalm canister? Sheesh.

The invincible AIs in this mission are Paul, (if he's still alive) Jaime, Alex, and Sam Carter.

Now, let's get the hell out of New York!

Escaping the Cells

Approach the cell door, and Mr. Daedelus will e-mail you. He pops open the door to your cell for you. Mwahahaha, time to show them what happens to those who dare challenge JC Denton!

Creep down the hallway towards the MJ12 trooper until he gets up and walks away. Take the baton on the crate, then the crate itself. Crack it open, out of earshot of the MJ12 trooper preferably, and take the riot prod inside. Get back into the cell, and wait. The MJ12 trooper will come down the hallway. Whatever you do, don't let him see you! Wait for him to stop and face the fire extinguisher, then whap him upside the head with the baton. Violate his body, then go to his desk and read the datacube. Armed with the code to the cells, open all of them. The one on your cell's side of the hallway holds 2 soy food packets. The one across from your cell holds a med bot, and a corpse with 2 lockpicks. The one beside that holds an NSF trooper, who tells you of your brother's fate, and gives you a med kit. You can break him out, but there's no reward for it. Wait until you're ready to go before telling him to tag along, otherwise he'll probably just get himself killed.

Now, check the drawers beside the MJ12 trooper's desk. There's a multitool in one, a forty of beer in another, and in the locked drawer, there's another multitool. Now, make a break for the exit to the cells. Once through the doorway, stand to the right of it. You'll get an e-mail from Daedelus. So, where to now? If you want to skip the armory, skip ahead.

Retrieving your Equipment

Head northeast and pop behind the column here to discover a lockpick in the shadows. Head east, then south, and you'll come down a set of stairs which leads to the security bot maintenance facility. Get behind the crates ahead of you, and watch the patrols. When it looks safe, make a break for the nearest stack of crates, to your right. There's a supply crate containing a bioelectric cell back here, if nobody's around, you can smash it open.

Again, wait for everyone to look away, then slip around the wall to the south, and run for the crates. Get behind them, then take a multitool from the top of one of them. You should have seen a non-hostile worker by now, if it looks safe, go over and talk to him, and pay him for the security login. Then, again, slip behind more crates to the south, before anyone spots you. Take the multitool on one of the crates.

Make a break for the shadows next to the stairs to your east. Once you're sure you weren't seen, go up them, and walk right. Here's my original, non-personal way of doing this next section:

Try to bop the MJ12 trooper with the sniper rifle. Be ready to run when you're seen. You want to go up the stairs to the third level, to the security computer, and alter the robot so that it attacks the baddies, instead of you. Then, once that's done, run like hell back down to the first level, and hide behind your new toy. He will obediently slay anyone and anything that doesn't like you.

Or if you feel it's personal, you can try taking all the troopers out by yourself. My experience shows it's best to start with the sniper, wait for him on the railing of the eastern stairs, that lets him walk right past JC without noticing him. Just watch out for the guy at the third level, looking through windows. After that, move onto the guys on the way to and on the third level (in the order you encounter them), and complete the mop-up with the ground-level trooper. It's possible to take him out without the two mechanics freaking out, but it's tricky. You might want to take at least the level-two one out first, just in case - one fewer person to watch.

Once the area is clear we can go up to, and search, the third floor in peace. Go to the stairs leading up there, and slip behind the column on the right hand side of the hallway for a lockpick. Go up the stairs, on the first desk you'll find a datacube, and a can of pop. If you go into the back room, you'll find a lockpick and another datacube, containing the code to the armory, on a desk.

With your new information, return to the ground level and head up the stairs to the south, but make sure you aren't spotted by one of the two deaf military robots up here. Follow one of them, and eventually you'll come across a door with a keypad next to it. Look up, behind you, and to your right, and you'll see a ladder up there. I just did! Let's explore!

Climb up it and pick the lock on your right to close a valve. It seems like a good idea. Hop up on the pipe, and once you're up there, go right. On your left is an unlocked air vent, open it, and climb inside. Hang a right once you can, and you'll find an air vent which opens onto a pipe on the second level of the armory.

Carefully jump down, and after swiping a spare riot prod and charger from one of the tables, creep over to the security computer. Shut down the military robots and the camera, turn on the turret for a good laugh, then creep down the stairs and bop the MJ12 trooper if the turret didn't kill him.

Well, as Daedelus said, we've found our equipment! Dump whatever you have on you and pick up only your stuff. Make sure you have your Zyme! They're by far the easiest item to bypass. Use the metal crate to check all the top shelves in case they put something little, like your Zyme, up there.

After you're certain you have all of and only your stuff, we have no reason to stay. Leave the armory and go north until you're back at the detention center door, heal up if necessary.

Command Center

Surely you've noticed a nice big panel in the floor that opens to a crawlspace under the floor? Let's hop into it. Go left, and keep going until Daedelus tells you you're beneath the Command Center. You should be at a T-junction, hang a right, and open a floor panel here. There's an MJ12 trooper patrolling in here, bop him. Use the security computer to turn off the cameras in the area. Now, go walk along the high ledges around the outside of command center, and take out all the MJ12 troopers. If a nice little doggie comes to play, zap him once with the prod. I have a hard time killing them, don't ask me why.

Nanotech Lab

Return to the panel in the floor you entered from, and head south slightly, then left. Ignore the panel you first entered through, and keep going until you get a message from Daedelus saying you're beneath the nanotech lab. You'll be at another junction, walk towards the cat and follow the crawlspace until you reach a panel opening in the floor. Your first man in black is just above you. If you're feeling lucky, prod him, or if you just want to kill him, get out your crowbar, activate your combat strength augmentation, and beat the shit out of him. When he screams, high tail it away from him and get into the crawlspace under the floor. Wait for things to calm down before even sticking your head out of the floor again.

Once you think it's safe, climb out of the crawlspace and get under the desk. Look up in the direction of the computer, and back up until you can use it. Hack the computer, and when the options come up, don't release the greasels. Take down the containment field around the nearby augmentation canister.

Creep to the doorway leading into the rest of the nanotech lab, and check to the right for an MJ12 trooper. Bop him, then go to the left, past the medical bot, towards the stairs leading up to the platform another MJ12 trooper is walking on. Bop him, then return downstairs, into the room you found the MIB.

In the locked filing cabinet on the opposite side of the room from the augmentation canister, there is a multitool, a useless datacube, and, in the bottom right hand corner, a datacube which contains all the logins for all the UNATCO personal computers. In the crate beside the augmentation canister is a med kit, and the augmentation canister itself gives you access to the aggressive defense system and spy drone augmentations. The latter I don't allow, so get the aggressive defense system aug when you visit the nearby med bot.

Leave the lab via the southern doorway, and you'll run into a guy who'll give you the code for the place Paul is in. Head north through the hallway until you see glass windows on your left. Get your crowbar or your riot prod ready, and run into the room and kill the chatting trooper and secretary.

Proceed south, then up the stairs, crouching to avoid alerting the motionless MJ12 trooper up here. Make sure he stays motionless for the rest of the level, then shut down the security systems with the security computer up here.

Don't continue south from here yet. You'll run right into 2 MJ12 troopers guarding the door to the medical lab. However, there are 2 Karkians in a containment room right across the hall from them. Across from the security computer is a white button. Push it if you feel like having your work done for you. Oops, the Karkians are loose! Stay out of the way, and let them do their thing. Or . . .

For the ambitious, instead of letting them out, use the air duct on the opposite side of this area (needs to be opened with lockpicks, but you should be swimming in them at this point) to enter the medical zone. Ambush the two MJ12 troopers from behind, open the containment room and finish the Karkians off yourself. You can either circle-strafe them or lead them towards the stairs (which they can't climb) and repeatedly walk forward, smack them with your weapon of choice and quickly move back to avoid their jaws. If you want this to take less time, subvert the turret in the room and go do other stuff for a while before returning to finish the job.

Place a body or two inside the containment cell when it's semi-safe, (if you didn't try Marecki's way of doing things) then wait for the karkians to return to the cell to dine. Shut the doors behind them, and you're safe! Proceed down the stairs and you'll find the medical room's doors right across from the containment cell doors. Either talk to Paul, or violate his corpse. Doing either will make Daedelus happy, and he'll give you the code to the door leaving out of the MJ12 facility.

Well, we've done all there is to do. We may as well head on out! Swing by the detention cells and let the terrorist know to follow you, then head to the exit door with him tailing you. There's one last trooper at a computer terminal up ahead, get the terrorist to wait, then violently prod the trooper until he passes out. Tell the terrorist to follow you, and walk down the hall until you're in . . .


When the new map loads, you're in the basement of UNATCO HQ. Go through the door and prod the trooper, then tell the terrorist to wait, but make sure he's on your side of the retinal scanner before that, it sucks having him get trapped.

Go up the ramp and track down Jaime, he's in his office, and pick up the precious augmentation canister he has beside him. When the fork in the conversation comes, tell him to meet you in Hong Kong. I'm not a fan of kill phrases, and it's more fun killing Gunther with your bare hands. If he stays behind, he tells you Gunther's kill switch phrase in Paris, if he comes along, he gives you an augmentation upgrade canister.

When you find the med bot, install the regeneration augmentation, it's probably one of the most useful ones in the game. Heal up, check the medical supply closet for a med kit in a crate, then leave the office and pop across the hall to Alex's office. Alex will give you a key to the front doors so long as Navarre's dead. Pop open the false floor in his office for 600 credits, then crack open the closet with the keypad locked door for a bioelectric cell, and a lockpick. There's a multitool on a table near here.

Leave Alex's office, then hang a right. We'll be paying a visit to Sam Carter, but there's a trooper patrolling the offices on the left side of the hallway who we should knock out first. I wouldn't recommend going all the way back to the detention cells, but there's a can of soda on the computer desk near here. If you didn't kill Navarre yet, and want her kill phrase, hack this computer to decrypt part of it.

Go say hello to Carter, he'll open the armory for you. There's some goodies here, namely:

Leave, and head up to level 2 after bopping a UNATCO trooper in the men's room. Stay crouched, and quiet. Unless Navarre's alive, go up the stairs to level 1, into the first office on your right, and bop the UNATCO trooper here. We don't want anyone possibly hearing Manderley's death screams as we slit his throat or pound him to a bloody pulp, now do we? There's a lockpick on the bookshelf up here. Go down the hall to the other office on this level, and you'll find a multitool on a bookshelf, as well as a datacube warning of gunshot sensors in Hong Kong. Well, we're not going to be having to worry about that, are we kids?

Go down the stairs to level 2, ignoring your empty, locked office, unless you want to read an e-mail from Daedelus. Slip into the breakroom via the door closest to Manderley's office, and prod both troopers. Do the far one first, the one closest to the door won't even notice his buddy's suddenly unconscious on the floor. Go through the door in the breakroom to the trooper watching TV, give him a hearty prodding, then talk to Shannon. Leave the breakroom and check the supply closet nearest Manderley's office for a bioelectric cell, then head into the office. Deal with him however you see fit, then leave. Keep in mind he'll shoot you the second you're far enough away, and he'll kill you if you're not careful.

The final part of Navarre's kill phrase is on his computer, so decrypt it and you'll be able to kill her easily. Now you can destroy her if you haven't already, and search the other offices.

Otherwise, I think we're done here! Get a hold of the terrorist, if you're helping him break out, and get the hell out of UNATCO HQ, ignoring the door boy who'll chase you out. When you reach the Liberty Island map, tell the terrorist to wait while you bop the friendly guy up here, then tell him to follow you outside. Go to the satcom van, there's a multitool in a crate in front of it, then hop on the chopper.