It's TheNightTerror here! It's been a long time coming, but the Deus Ex melee only walkthrough is complete. Due to Deux Ex clashing with all of my computers, (long story short) I was forced to stop working on the walkthrough, right before the mission people thought was impossible to pass with melee weapons, no less. Marecki showed up on the scene some time later, and picked up where I left off. He's completely blown what I did out of the water, I can only call myself a co-author and HTML coder without stealing credit. And even then, I used Hemebond's setup for my System Shock 2 site as a base for this one. The code seems relatively good right now, so I suppose I don't need to worry about advising people to use the original site anymore. If you find any errors, please let me know about them.

Hold onto your hats gentleman, (since there's woefully too few female gamers) we're about to step into the world of insanity . . . again. Read over the preliminary stuff first, then we'll be ready to move onto the navigation page. Or, if you desire miscellaneous info about the site, go here.